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How do the exams work?

During the FEES, a flexible endoscope is introduced transnasally (through the nose) to the patient's hypopharynx where the laryngeal and pharyngeal structures can be viewed and evaluated by the SLP. Various foods and liquids are provided while the status of the swallow is recorded and analyzed.

During the rigid videostroboscopy evaluation, the SLP will hold the patient’s tongue with gauze and insert a rigid scope that has an angled camera attached to one end. The scope rests easily on the tongue while the camera peers over the edge. The patient will then be asked to complete various vocal tasks as the camera records vocal fold motion.

What information is obtained from a fees?

After completing a FEES, the SLP will be able to provide the following information to the patient and/or family:

  • ability of the swallow to protect the airway

  • ability to initiate a swallow

  • timing of the swallow

  • ability to fully clear the bolus from the pharynx

  • sensory perception of the bolus

  • impact of the anatomy and physiology of the swallow

How long does it take?

A FEES typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete; however, the endoscope can remain in place for as long as necessary to evaluate compensatory strategies, fatigue, etc.

The examination can also be repeated as often as necessary since barium and radiation are not involved.

How much does it cost?

The average cost for FEES and formal voice evaluations varies based on geographical location; however, Coastal Voice & Dysphagia Diagnostics, LLC can guarantee that our services are a more efficient and cost-effective solution for your office or facility.

Why are formal voice evaluations necessary?

Formal voice evaluations (including videostroboscopy, acoustic testing, perceptual assessments and aerodynamic assessments) provide SLPs with the information necessary to develop the most patient-centered plan of care. Visualization of the vocal folds (videostroboscopy) also ensures that there are no contraindications for therapy to begin.

So all i get are evaluation results from this?

Absolutely not! Following the FEES, you will receive general results (was there any aspiration or not), appropriate diet, compensatory strategy, and treatment target recommendations.

When will i receive results and a written report?

Coastal Voice & Dysphagia Diagnostics, LLC will provide a written report with recommendations immediately following the procedure. Ongoing support for implementation of recommendations for treating SLPs, staff, and family members will also be offered.

My patients can already receive modified barium swallow studies (MBSS). Why fees?

Not only are mobile FEES services faster to schedule and more convenient (we come to you!), but the following patients may benefit from this type of examination:

  • patients who have experienced any type of laryngeal trauma or neurological damage

  • examination that may repeatedly require several strategies or consistencies

  • limited ability to tolerate aspiration

  • when positioning may impact ability to participate in an examination

  • the need for examination of fatigue throughout a meal

why is imaging so important?

We cannot treat what we cannot see; therefore, imaging should be the foundation of all that we do as SLPs. Providing your patients with high-quality imaging guarantees that you are giving them the best opportunity to return to their baseline and improve their quality of life.